Art Glass Studio
designs and manufactures stained glass work by the same technique used in  the Middle Age to create the magnificent windows of the Gothic Cathedrals. A stained glass panel springs  from the assembly of many pieces of stained glass tided together by thin lead cames. The first step consists in drawing a sketch and enlarging it to natural scale. This drawing is then cut into separate pieces , and the resulting  templates are used to cut out various  colored glass. Each piece of glass is then leaded, according to the pattern, and the lead joints are finally soldered, providing  the piece with a strong structure. The final puttying gives additional strength to the piece, filling up the gaps between glass and lead; moreover,  it provides weatherproof which is extremely important for panels to be positioned on the exterior of a building. Even if  the technique of stained glass dates back to hundreds of years, it's quite flexible to interpret  nowadays emotions and moods. Such an intriguing suitability drives Gabriella Quercia of Stained Glass Studio to create pieces of art with unique and innovative patterns, in addition to the traditional ones. A lot of attention is given to the drawing, to the selection of colors, to the accuracy of the details, to the manufacturing process,  in order to reach a high quality standard to each project.